Lurie Children's Hospital

I adore Lurie Children's Hospital. As a parent, you would never want your child to be faced with time in a hospital, but thankfully there are facilities such as Lurie. For years I have been part of events to raise funds for various programs provided for patients and their families before this state-of-the-art facility was recently completed.

This full size fire engine had to be lifted by a crane to the 12th floor for children to enjoy.

I was invited to visit with some of their young patients last month. Unfortunately, due to flu season many of their siblings are unable to visit. I met an amazing little girl who was missing the company of her twin sister. So I was more than happy to step in and help provide some fun.

The Family Life Center where patients and family members can play.

A young patient and I created these. She is far more talented than I.

Sometimes siblings of patients can feel left behind or forgotten so volunteers will go out of their way to give them one-on-one attention where they can be the focus which is a huge relief for parents. Therefore, I will return again once flu season is over when those brothers and sisters can return.

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International


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