Hard Yet Joyful

Recently I saw a quote that reminded me of our journey in pageantry with our platforms.

I have a deep appreciation for the arts and since childhood have loved watching dancers, specifically ballet.

There is so much elegance and it is amazing how a story can be told through their gift of dance. Yet, there is also alot people in the audience will never see, like the hours of agonizing pain they put in before each performance. The rigorous schedules, discipline and overcoming doubt of their talents.

As International Pageants queens, we are so similar. Many people will see just the appearance side, the sashes, crowns, gowns, etc. There is much, MUCH more to us though. The courage to speak out for our platforms, the pain in our lives turned in to a passion. The discipline, commitment and elegance needed even when tired from a tough schedule.

You are not alone on your journey and the hard work will always, always bear fruit and not just a “performance” , but a story of your life that will capture an audience. Your moment of sacrifice and what no one will ever see will bear fruit of joy. Press on sister queens!

A quick fun video of what it is like to be a ballerina…..I think we are pretty similar with our passions for our platforms!


Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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