Makeup Work and Absences

One of the most common things said to me this year as I have traveled as Miss Teen International is, “Are you EVER at school???”

As a teen titleholder, you are more than likely to miss quite a bit of school depending on the types of events you are attending. One of my favorite things to do is speak at schools, but there is a problem with that… I am in school when everyone else is. My travel schedule also calls for a lot of days off. I’m not going to lie, my attendance record isn't the best!

However, I am in several Advanced Placement classes and managed to maintain a 4.33 GPA last semester. So how did I do it when I am missing so much school? Here’s some of my best tips for all you teens out there!

1- Let your teachers know you will be out at least a week in advance! It is important to notify your professors that you will not be there so they can prepare accordingly.

2- Try to get your makeup work BEFORE you are absent if possible. It is a lot easier to get the work done in advance than it is to come back confused and behind.

3- As soon as you know you will be absent, email your principal and attendance office about it. Every absence I have had this year has been excused because I asked prior to missing. Being proactive pays off!

4- Have an adult help you write a letter explaining your title, your platform, and why you will be absent. I’d then recommend bringing a copy of it to all of your teachers so they know why you will be gone so often.

5- Seek help from friends! I just missed an entire week of school, and without the help of my classmates I would've been extremely stressed. I’ve had them get copies of my work and I have picked them up when I got home. They have also helped explain assignments to me.

6- Prioritize what you will be missing school for. Sometimes you just have to say no to an event. I recently had to turn down some offers I would've loved to accept, but I just couldn't miss more school at that point. It stinks but school needs to come first!

7- This one is also about prioritizing, but it is in regards to the makeup work. Do the work that is more important first. I always prioritize my AP classwork over my electives.

8- And last, don’t stress about it! Missing class for events is only worth it if you enjoy the time that you're gone. You cannot do that if you are worrying about what you would be doing in class. Relax and work hard to get caught up when you return to school.

Pageant girls may not always get gold stars in attendance, but with proper planning and some great work ethic it is possible to stay on top of your schoolwork. The International Pageant girls definitely have beauty AND brains!

If you believe in something, believe in it all the way!

Blair Wortsmith
Miss Teen International 2014


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