Paul Is Why

A motorcycle sat in front of a large picture collage at the Adamec Harley Davidson in Jacksonville Florida. Simply written across the middle of the collage was a name and date.

Paul Figura

1963 – 2014

Paul was a beloved figure of the community as a internationally known photographer, Harley rider, father and friend.

It can he bard to capture someone’s life in a few pictures, but as the community poured in to support the life of their friend who had a stroke and died last year, you could see his spirit in the people that were there.

The fundraising event was held on the last day of Heart month, February 28th to honor Paul’s legacy and raise money for the American Heart Association. Winn-Dixie flew in chefs from across the country to cook their best recipe in a chili cook-off. AHA First Coast was kind enough to make me a judge in the contest, so I had to put my taste buds to work!

The 8 master chefs from Winn-Dixie who puts their skills to work for the American Heart Association

The Chefs dishing out their chili to attendees, each recipe was AMAZING. One even incorporated dark chocolate and one was named “Princess Chili”. Yes, I loved them both (actually all of them!) 

Thank you SO much for AHA First Coast for inviting the International Pageant system to be a part of the event! It was a well organized event with so many passionate people on AHA Jacksonville’s staff. The community came out despite the rain to support a great man, because Paul is Why.

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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