I saw a quote recently that reminded me of our pageant journey, the vision and work it takes along with a lot of effort.

All of us are like the blocks of granite at the start of our journey and a masterpiece is waiting inside. We team with different people, other artists to help bring out the best in us…what we never thought possible until we accepted the challenge.

The hardest part is not the carving, but starting. So many people just see a block and doubt. They say it will never amount to anything, it’s not worth it, too hard, too much risk, too much of a time investment. Woah right, that is too much criticism! Becoming a masterpiece takes COURAGE, VISION, and DETERMINATION.

We cannot allow that negativity to shape our thinking taking us from a masterpiece to a “could have been” piece of art.

We allow it to limit our vision, when in fact we can aim high, and reach goals never ever thought possible.

We were all at one time blocks of marble, overlooked, never thought twice about. Then you took a chance…..

Just in case nobody has told you lately…..

I Love you sisters, shine bright, take hold of your vision, even if others are blind to what you see, start carving and become the MASTERPIECE you were always meant to be.

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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