FOX 9 News Skating

I was asked by the St. Paul Figure Skating Club (the club for which I represented for many years) to show up for a taping of FOX 9 News with Todd Walker at the Wells Fargo Rink located next to Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul, MN. This ice rink is simply adorable, as it is nestled between the tall buildings and faces the sparkling Rice Park, the historic St. Paul Hotel and elegant Ordway Theater.

”Elf” was playing at the Ordway

The snow was falling in big thick flakes from the sky, and it covered the ice surface faster than the resurfacing machine and shovels could keep up, which made skating itself a little sticky. Regardless, we were able to share our messages with the viewing audience and I want to thank Todd for including the St. Paul Figure Skating Club, its skaters, and me as Mrs. International in the piece.

Long time skating friend and her daughter

Snow falling!

Todd preps me for the interview 

Melissa from the St. Paul FSC

My interview, which highlighted the International Pageant affiliation with the “Go Red” message and skating as a heart healthy activity, was featured on FOX 9 and here are a few photos from this wonderful exposure.

Warm Wishes,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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