Pictures from the 2012 Nationals

Arrival with Gabby! It felt so good to stretch our legs after the 8 hour car ride.

Meeting Mary Richardson and Ciji Dodds for the first time at orientation.  I was literally shaking form the excitement. 

Tour bus day trip of downtown Chicago! 

I got a little sick on the bus but Gabby and the chaperones took great care of me! 

Later that evening we congregated to hear the phenomenal and emotional motivational speech given by Eddie! Followed by a group shot of all the 2012 contestants. Can you find me in this sea of beauties? 

Wednesday was filled with fun! We got to dress up and play princesses with little girls at the local library.  I swear my little princess was having a lot of fun, even though in this picture she looks miserable.

The next morning we were up bright and early for interviews! My favorite part!

After rehearsals all week we were ready to hit the stage at Prelims! Opening number followed by introductions. I couldn’t stop smiling! I was having so much fun! 

YAY! I made top 10!

Fitness routine! Thank you dad for getting my butt into the gym everyday. It was worth it! 

I designed and my mom made my fun fashion. We had no idea if it would hold up to my competition because it was home made but I ended up winning the Best in Fun Fashion award! Wow! Go mama! I am so proud of my personal “Patti” Hill. 

On stage interview was a breeze. Practice makes perfect!

I felt like the most glamorous girl on the planet in my evening gown. It was so simple, different and sophisticated. It was everything that represented an International queen. 

Looking back on these pictures, it still seems unreal. I am so proud humbled and blessed to be your Miss International 2012. I cannot thank all the people who helped me get here enough. My dreams, my wishes and my prayers were answered. 

God is good!!!

Krista Wanous
Miss International 2012


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