Go Krista!

Our very own Miss International 2012 - Krista Wanous, hosted a lovely event at Chiang Mai Thai in Uptown to share her plans of traveling to Thailand with a mission to help children heal and express themselves through art. I am certain Krista will be sharing with you her own blog post about the event; however, I wanted to share my own excitement with you about the inspiration I find in her actions!

First of all, the venue for her event was perfect. The space was charming and the food gave us all a taste of her future adventure. Second, I loved the fact that Krista produced some of her own art pieces to auction, as well as, some fabulous gift cards, gift baskets, and creative items. Third, we were shown a video presentation that educated all of us about her mission and the work that she will be doing in a country that I am confident will welcome her with open arms!

Miss and Mrs. International 2012

Art displayed by Krista

Guests enjoyed wonderful Thai food

With Sarah (Wall) Beckman, Miss International 2005

Krista, I am so proud to share this year with you. Travel safely and know that this is God’s plan for you!

All my love,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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