Need a Fairy Godmother?

Every girl wants to feel like Cinderella on her Prom day, but unfortunately the costs can be prohibitive.  In our community, Operation Glass Slipper (OGS) helps provide prom dresses, shoes and accessories for those in need.  This organization provides a wonderful way to re-purpose those gently used cocktails and gowns.

The Annual Princess Event was held this week, March 9 & 10th at the Southdale Mall.  Girls who had been recommended for the program by a teacher, counselor or clergy member were invited to attend.  Each girl is escorted by a Fairy Godmother and allowed to choose a dress, shoes and accessories, even a purse. You can’t carry a backpack to the prom!

Most of the merchandise is donated from the local community and some generous corporate sponsors.   Speaking of donations, one of the creative ways that OGS funds their events in from collecting the pennies tossed into the fountains at the Mall of American.  Last year they retrieved $1000.  But they couldn’t do their good work without individual contribution of used prom wear.  To hear about this year’s event click here:

When my reign is over, I look forward to regaining some closet space by making a donation to Operation Glass Slipper.  I will also be volunteering as a Fairy Godmother.

Look for a similar organization in your community – “giving back” can be as easy as saying Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, take my prom dress and my shoes!

Krista Wanous


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