New York

“Dream like New York, as high as the skyline. Aim for the stars above those city lights…”

What can you even say about a place that you feel has given you everything? And is it weird to thank a place? In reality, the “place” does not dictate what happens there nor does it care how many miles you travel across it or even, how often. Despite the fact that New York does not “love” me the way I love New York, I am and always will be fiercely loyal and proud of where I have spread my roots.

I have found myself thinking multiple times just how lucky I am to live in New York and sometimes even feel bad for those that do not get to experience it (ethnocentrism at its finest!) - a natural wonder of the world, vast wine country, lush hilltops with stunning foliage, home to an Olympic trial location – Lake Placid, and home to what many consider the greatest city in the world “New York, NY”. Ok, my bias is showing…

What we can all learn from the New York culture… We have colorful characters everywhere you turn. As a New Yorker, you learn to just accept that we are all so different and celebrate that freedom of expression. In New York you can take risks without being afraid to be judged – it’s truly a place to explore who you are without fear.

New York themed songs are everywhere! Here’s a list of a few of my absolute favorites that can be found on my playlist to help get you in the Empire State spirit…

~New York, New York – Various Artists
(**Did you know that the Yankees play this song after every home game? The Frank Sinatra version after a victory and the Liza Minelli version after a loss)
~New York State of Mind – Billy Joel
~Dream Like New York – Tyrone Wells
~New York Groove - Hello
~Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z and Alicia Keys
~Empire State of Mind Part 2 – Alicia Keys
~On Broadway – Various Artists

Jesse Ladoue


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