Platform Goals

There’s so much to do and the clock is ticking. I have hit the ground running and in a pair of 5 inch heels!
Even if I had not become Mrs. International, my work on behalf of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) would continue.

One of our main goals for CASA is to have a volunteer for every child in need by 2020 which means creating more awareness about our organization. As Mrs. International, I now have more opportunities to reach out to potential volunteers and organizations who can help us reach this goal. And I will do my very best to take advantage of every chance to speak about the organization and the children who need us all.
CASA is challenging to promote because what we do is so confidential.  Many of these young ones could be put in harm’s way should we give away too much information.  So you may not see the work I and other volunteers do because it must remain off-camera; their lives are not worth a photo op.  But the work is getting accomplished.  

As a national ambassador for CASA and member of the Speaker’s Bureau, I talk with many groups including corporations with volunteer programs.  Given more than a decade of working as a T.V. journalist, I have colleagues in media situated throughout the world. My plan is to call upon them as I travel.  Social media is a key to efficiently and effectively getting the word out there about CASA.

I am already working with organizations such as Prevent Child Abuse America (PCA) and Child Help.  Both wonderful organizations are dedicated to keeping child abuse and neglect from happening which is of great help to CASA. PCA has programs in the U.S. Puerto Rico and Canada and they’re part of the National Blue Ribbon Campaign, holding many big events during the year, but April is when they kick off “Child Abuse Prevention Month.”

Child Help is one of the only abuse hotlines which is staffed 24/7. Before becoming Mrs. International, I was asked to help them with Erin’s Law here in Illinois.  It is mandated in several states right now, requiring grades 1-6 to receive education about child abuse, neglect and bullying. It will be introduced in several more states this year and the program has already seen great results in Florida.

Considering 40-million children around the world suffer abuse neglect every single year. My platform has a universal message:  We need to save the futures of these children who suffer in silence.  As Mrs. International, I will continue building global partnerships with organizations like Child Helpline International.
Right now, these motivated organizations, along with CASA, are designing new ways to use this title of mine to benefit them on a broader level.

There will be a few meetings in this next week to discuss new opportunities. And the International Pageant system directors and staff are ready to help put all of this in to quick action.  It’s only been a couple of weeks and the calendar is already started to fill up! It's my mission to help ensure each of these children can look forward to a better future. And I plan to do so while representing the International Pageants system to the very best of my abilities which includes promoting our alliance with Go Red for Women.  Stay tuned!

Be the change,

Amy Gregorio 
You Mrs. International 2013


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