Raiders of the Lost Art: Thank You Notes

I will admit, as a child writing thank you notes was the most difficult, boring, and tedious task ever!  I mean, as a seven year old it’s tough to believe that “Thank you for the Polly Pocket Mansion you gave to me for my birthday, I love it” is worth taking the time to write a notecard, looking up an address, finding a stamp, and snail mailing it to a friend or relative is really worth the effort.

However, as an adult I cannot send ENOUGH thank you notes: to friends, family, sponsors, etc.  In the digital age, words of appreciation in a tangible card handpicked by you speak volumes.  It’s all about the gesture!  Maya Angelou said, “People may not always remember what you say or do, but they will always remember how you made them feel”.   A follow-up note is a great way to ensure people always look back on your interactions fondly.

**No one is perfect!  I can’t even tell you the number of times I have written thank you notes and addressed the envelopes, only to find them between my car seat cushions or at the bottom of a tote months later… it happens, but if you are like me and your mind moves faster than you’d like it to sometimes, keep note cards with you so you can fill them out on-site for the person/people you’d like to thank so you don’t forget!

For titleholders it is imperative to thank you sponsors for many reasons: of course to show your gratitude, but also to help them keep a positive view of pageant contestants.  You want to keep the door open for the next woman who asks!  Have writers’ block?  Here’s something to get you started!

Sponsorship note example:
Dear Business or Individual,
“Thank you so much for your generous contribution towards my journey.  As I dedicate my year to promoting Volunteerism as Miss International 2013, your support will only help strengthen my message and reach.  I am so grateful for your partnership!” – It won’t hurt to include a signed autograph card if you have them!

I recently designed these custom note cards and had them made.  Find ones you love, you’ll be much more likely to want to send them out!

Seek Happiness,



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