Costa Rica Soles4Souls – Part 2: “The Process”

“Hola!” as I held a little boy’s feet in my hands, we chatted back and forth with my scattered Spanish. He chuckled as I fumbled over my words, but his enormous grin broke our language barrier.

Step 1: Before we set out for all of our distributions after our team meeting on the arrival night, everyone brings out any miscellaneous items like toys, school supplies and toiletries. The reality is we do not always have enough sizes to fit everyone, but we never want anyone to walk away empty handed.

Step: 2 All of our distribution locations are arranged prior to all Soles4Souls travel teams by our contact for that country. They know the needs of each area the best and as our mission is to wear out poverty, we need to serve those areas the best we can.

Step 3: Once on site at a location, the children are lined up and we prepare each area.

Step 4: Each child is sized with a foot chart and then has the number written on their hand.

Step 5: After sizing, their feet are washed and there is always much laughter at this station!

Step 6: Shoes are distributed according to their size and if we do not have their size, they bring some of the items we sorted.

Step 7: At some distributions we get to color the shoes as well, I drew lots of crowns and butterflies, and honed my dragon drawing skills for the boys ☺

Step 8: Depending on the country and surrounding area, we can sometimes have time to play with the children.

Step 9: Pick up and move to the next location and repeat

Step 10: Wear Out Poverty! 800 shoes may not sound like a lot, but that is 800 more children that can go to school, fight disease and have some dignity

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