New York - Part Two: Following His Footsteps

In the city that never sleeps, I nearly did not either! New York was very kind to me and I truly enjoyed my time there serving with Soles4Souls along with connecting with our International Pageants family.

Sunday of my trip was the “free” day so to speak. No events planned on the schedule and for one sole purpose. New York was the last place my brother lived before he passed.

Through the pageant and becoming vocal about my family's past, over the last couple months I have reconnected with the girl whom found my brother's body. Recently she shared with me the weeks leading up to his last day on earth and even what it was like finding his body. Some people may not want to know all of those details, but I like to search for truth. It is important because so many times people try to hide their past, pain or struggles and it only further hurts us as a society that strives for perfection.

This picture is the last photo I ever took with my brother celebrating his 32nd birthday before he moved to New York from San Diego.

Though this is the year that marks a decade of his death, when strolling the streets on New York, he felt alive to me.

Allison took me to all of his favorite landmarks and amazingly, she later shared with me the buildings I found the most captivating, were his favorites as well. After the trip she sent me pictures of him at the same areas we visited.

It was a day I will cherish and remember forever, 6 hours of city and soul searching. Opening chapters of our past help us write the future and unlock what we never knew to even be hiding in our soul.

Can you believe Mrs. International 2015 crowning moment will be up on this screen seen by tens of thousands?!!! How amazing!

Union Station was by far my favorite place to visit. The architecture is stunning.

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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