Moss Haven Elementary School Visit

I was so lucky to be invited to Moss Haven Elementary school in Dallas, Texas by Rachel Hedstrom, the Texas International Director! Also, a huge shout out to her for being my chauffeur this weekend!

From the moment I walked into Moss Haven, each and every single staff member was so nice and so eager to learn more about me. I was able to read ‘The Princess and the Pea’ by Hans Christian Anderson to all of the first and second graders! They were such good sports as I tried to add my own jokes into the story!

After I read them the book, they teachers opened it up to a Question and Answer forum for the children to ask me questions. I was asked many questions but some of my favorite were

Is your crown real?

Are you a real Princess?

Can you come back and win Miss International again? (I actually get asked this by adults too!)

I was also able to share my story of heart health with the children and explain to them why its so important to eat healthy and live an active lifestyle! The children were extremely receptive, which I think was due to the amazing teachers and staff at this school!

Moss Haven is An American Heart Association Learning Garden School! I was given a tour of the farm the children take care of and even got to hold a real live chicken!

The school is also very proud of its giving garden- to date they have donated over 600 pounds of fresh produce to families in need! I had an amazing time and hope to be back to visit soon!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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