Why I Chose Miss International

With so many pageant systems out there, I have been asked over and over again, Why Miss International? I am a firm believer in pageantry and how it helps build woman up, so you will never hear me speak an ill word of any pageant system, but let me tell you why INTERNATIONAL IS THE BEST!

Miss International is unlike any other system in the world. It is an International (hence the name) pageant, girls from anywhere in the world can come represent their country and compete. 40% of your score is based of your INTERVIEW! It is extremely important to this system that their winners be able to hold an intelligent conversation and have a platform that they are actually working! They care about what you have done AND what you are going to do as the titleholder. You are allowed a “platform page” to show examples of your work within your community and your “strategy” you would use if you were to win the crown. It is so much more than..”If you could be an ice cream, what flavor would you be and why?” Another wonderful thing about this system is that no political or religious questions are allowed to be asked by a judge. They aren’t trying to trick you in interview! They truly want to know about your platform and your personal goals! The national director came up to each and every girl after our interviews and asked if every question seemed relevant and if we were asked anything that made us uncomfortable! She cared about our feelings and emotional wellbeing.

Miss International is a fashion show from the moment you arrive in Jacksonville! If you are like me, and LOVE fashion, this is a huge PLUS! Each and every day you are at the pageant, you are taken to amazing places, dressed to the nines and hanging out with girls who are all so unique and different! I love seeing all of the fashion from foreign countries! If you take a look at my Clay Spann Website photo this year, you can tell just how cutting edge the fashion can be!

If there is no preliminary pageant in your state or country- YOU CAN STILL COMPETE! One of the most amazing things about this system is that it gives everyone a chance to chase their dreams, regardless of competing in a preliminary pageant! While last year’s winner, Jesse Ladoue won her preliminary Pageant of Miss New York International, I was at large! It truly goes to show you that anyone, if they work hard enough, has a chance to be Miss International!

On Finals night- your score sets back to ZERO! Which means you get a do over! I was so extremely grateful for this because I actually tripped onstage in my fitness wear during preliminaries! As soon as my name was called into the top 15 I knew I would get a chance to redeem myself!

Don’t even get me started on the AMAZING sponsors! (This would be a 10 page blog!) BUT, you get to work with Clay Spann, Joey Rutherford of the Competitive Image, Suzy Boots, Susan Botek, WKPR Chicago, MMG Model Management, Thomas and Drew Dunn, Chelsea Cooley, AT DUNN, Titlewear and so many more! This year has so far been a dream come true! I have never believed in a program as much as I believe in the International Pageant systems! Please feel free to comment or ask any questions you would like!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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