Quick Snack Ideas!

I am often asked how I can stay energized while on a “pageant diet”. Well, first things first, don’t look at it as a pageant diet. In order for the change to be constant it needs to be a lifestyle change. You need to fully commit to a better, healthier you. Not only did I start to see changes in my body when I was eating healthy, but I could feel the difference in my energy levels. My skin started to clear up, I wasn’t getting sugar headaches and felt happier overall. Most of you know my obsession with chocolate and how I cannot get through the day without it, so I wanted to share with you the snacks I always have on hand!

Skinny Cow or Jenny Craig both make chocolate candies around 120 calories or less!

Frozen Greek Yogurt by Healthy Choice (Tastes like ice cream) for 100 calories!

Skinny Girl Popcorn hits the salt cravings hard for only 100 calories!

Special K cracker chips in ANY flavor are amazing! I had those all week at Miss INTL.

Quest Protein Bars In Cookies and Cream are the best tasting protein bars I’ve ever had!

Frozen Healthy Bunch No Sugar Added Popsicles- only 15 calories each!

Low Fat String cheese- any brand, usually around 50 calories

Freeze dried strawberries, sweet and crunchy.

Fiber One 90 calories peanut butter pretzel bars.

Those are just some of the snacks that I always have in my pantry! I don’t believe in depriving yourself from snacks, I think it is all about moderation. It’s important to drink plenty of water and follow through with 3-5 days a week of your cardio workout of choice!

For more information on my diet and exercise regimen, contact A.T. Dunn at Info@TonedToWin.com

I met A.T. and Chelsea at The Competitive Image trunk Show last April (another reason to come to the trunk show ladies) and they started me on a personalized workout plan and my “perfect plate”.

Just an example of what you can eat using the perfect plate!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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