Competition Week Caution

We live in a world of mirrors and image. Even as a child at age 5 and 6 how they view themselves is more of a determinate of their success in life than their IQ.

Did you know how you view yourself is pivotal in the quality of your life and the quality of your relationships?

Recently my daughters and I traveled to Chicago for what is the start of an annual Thorne girl’s trip. We of course visited the infamous “Bean” that reflects the city and the people surrounding it. As we stood there, the selfie sticks were out in force and clicks all over, which we of course joined in the fun. We took our pictures, and as I watched our daughters run around it in amazement, try to move it (lol) and walk up to look at their reflection, it reminded me of competition week at Mrs. International.

Have you ever been in one of the funhouses at a carnival or fair and looked into a distorted mirror? Before showing up at Mrs. International it is very easy to have a positive view of ourselves and a sense of accomplishment for the work we have completed, but the moment walking into orientation being surrounded by all of these other women from around the world. It just breaks my heart to see anyone look at themselves less valuable than they really are because YOU my sister are priceless. It can be like walking into a house of mirrors and not seeing our real reflection anymore, but we begin to see a distorted image.

Do you ever find yourself asking Who am I? Where do I belong? Do I fit? Am I significant?

There are a few different kind of distorted mirrors.
  • The appearance mirror. This one says “My value depends on how I look”
  • The performance mirror. This one says ”My value depends on what I can do”
  • The status mirror. “This one says “My value depends on what other people think of me”
These mirrors if we let them can destine us to feel inferior, always trying to look like someone else, climb every ladder of success and fit into pieces of puzzles that will never work for us.

When you look into the mirror, what do you think? What do you see?

Do you think I am full of potential? Unique? Beautiful? What messages do we say to yourself?

In a world of imitators the thing I always find the most amazing is that not one single person can ever match us, nor us them because we were literally made so unique. You are not a print; you are an original and significant.

Before you show up, write down on a piece of paper the 10 things you know to be true (what you know in YOUR heart, not what anyone else has said) about you that are amazing (all positive statements). Bring these with you and carry then in your purse or put them up in your room. When you feel down, take a peek and reminder yourself of your value. We are objects of love and compassion built in the image of God.

Sit in front of the mirror, but close your eyes and picture what is being reflected in your heart to that mirror. Add these to your list.

Positive self talk may seem silly, but it is so important to know in your heart who you really are because everything around us will always try to tell us differently one way or the other.

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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