For Better or For Worse

Recently Fred and I attended a yearly marriage retreat where Jose and Michelle Alvarez were the speakers shared the following with us at the end of the weekend “No matter how much good we do in our lives, the greatest good we will ever do is how we love our spouse”.

I personally really needed to hear that. By nature there is an inner drive in my heart that can get so focused, the people around me the most can get pushed aside sometimes. Do I love them any less? Absolutely not, but my drive takes over in my “get it done” mode. The role of Mrs. International 2014 was taken very seriously we have one year with the job to fulfill many duties.

The “married with kids and a crown” few weeks ago about my experience incorporating my family into this year was our “how”, but this blog is really one big giant thank you to my husband Fred. People will joke if there is really a Mr. International and I always say “YES! It is my husband”. Most of the pictures throughout the year are me, but there is that person who has behind the camera, behind the wheel and behind me holding bags and bags…..and bags of shoes. Our journey has been very public as our family grew up in many ways through the public eyes the last few years. It is only fitting for someone who has been right there with me literally every step of the way to get a public thank you!

Fred thank you for jumping into the world of servicehood and pageantry. Thank you for staying up late nights, helping stuff marketing packets, giving up football practices, taking time off work, your free time and making many sacrifices. Love can’t be counted on a sheet of how who did what for who, but I can only imagine the endless pages of how you served me over the last few years during International Pageants. Thank you for praying for me, making meals, letting me rest while you took care of evvvverything and being one amazing human being. Sitting here writing this really puts into light the magnitude of how much YOU did and how the year would not have been possible without you.

Thank you for going outside of your comfort zone my “introvert” into the extrovert zone ☺ As oneness is not a destination, we are on a continual path of growth. Love you, Maggi.

Ladies, I want to really encourage you that the biggest thank you of all should go to your husband. This is a time for you to join together, have a blast. As Jose and Michelle said, the greatest good we can ever do is how we love our spouse….for better….or for worse.

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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