What's Next?

Thanks to being Mrs. International 2014, the preparation for the journey and the journey itself as Mrs. International has trained and shaped me in ways unimaginable.

This question has been happening more and more…’What’s next?”.

Before leaving my previous job, I had in mind what future career potentials laid ahead. During the decade long career at the Nebraska Athletic Department as job demand grew, so did our family. Over the last couple years it became harder and harder to have a 8 to 5 (which my job was more like 7 to 7) and live a practical balanced life as a family. There was additional stress and a fast pace life style that if just not healthy for anyone to live in long term. Every career has its season of busyness, but mine was constant. The fact that I loved my job and considered it a “dream job” didn’t make it easier to leave, but the reality is I love my family more. After realizing another career was always possible, and this time in life with our kids is so short, we began to strategize what leaving Nebraska Athletics looked like, and what a future career path could be.

As my heart changed towards community service after the impact of life’s events, it became even more apparent that we needed to make ourselves more available as a family to our kids, each other, our friends, our community and global outreach.

After departing Nebraska Athletics we began a beta test so to speak of starting a business for marketing, social media, branding, graphics, web development, and project management consulting (and likely anything else someone asks for help with!). It went well, so over the last couple months our customer base has grown and we are overjoyed to announce our next venture: Vivid Imagination!

The name was a 3am idea when I was working on a project. The name literally just popped into my head and after trying to keep working on the project at hand, I spent until next morning searching if the name was taken, writing a business plan, designing a logo and had business cards ordered by 8am.

I so extremely delighted to help other business’s celebrate their success and act an extension of their companies as we strengthen their brand. It has been fun as well to do one on one social media and personal branding consulting with a variety of people whether competing in a pageant or looking for a new career promotion and even starting their own new business.

This new venture offers us the most priceless thing of all though, flexibility to put our family first and work from anywhere in the world! We want to stay a small business while our kids are young, but will someday look to expand.

Beginning in August our social media accounts will become active and you can follow the business on twitter and instagram @vividimaginehq and facebook I will be posting to public “Maggi Thorne” page. Our web info for business services will be under www.maggithorne.com as we develop other ventures along the way.

It’s slightly terrifying to be a small business owner, but I LOVE the challenge and LOVE people.

Meet two of the clients!

Client: The Schwarz

Provision of Services: Branding Development, PR, Community Events Organizer, Construction Project Manager, Web Developer, Social Media Director

The Schwarz is a new upscale condo development in Lincoln’s growing Haymarket community. We are renovating a historic building and paying homage to the past while our tenants live in the now of our growing community. We will begin construction immediately upon my return from Mrs. International!

You can like them on facebook “The Schwarz”and follow on instagram and twitter @TheSchwarzLNK

Client: The Flatwater

Provision of Services: Integrated branding, Interior Design interior and exterior updates, social media director, PR, Construction Project Manager

The Flatwater is a locally owned from scratch kitchen and was voted Lincoln’s Best New Restaurant in 2014! As the customers have grown because of the delicious food, we are updating the interior and exterior to meet the demands of diners and provide the best experience possible!

You can like them on facebook “The Flatwater”and follow on instagram and twitter @Flatwater_LNK

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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