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When heading to Jacksonville, many of you will be bringing family or friends as well. Our schedules are busy and packed as contestants, but theirs are likely free and open (unless you have them running errands ☺).

What is there to do? What about family fun? Jacksonville is a hub of activity, and even the surrounding areas like St.Augstine. If you are able to hop over to the Jacksonville visitor center located inside “The Landing” down the street from the Omni Jacksonville there are numerous free brochures, maps and magazines that highlight places to put on your checklist to visit.

Some brochure highlights for family fun whether it be dolphins or pirates…arrrrrr matey!

There are numerous restaurants in Jax and hope on to dtjax.org for the full scoop

Don’t forget to grab your free maps and magazines to help you tour the city. A GPS is great, but nothing beats having a hard copy of a map!

Just a little drive away is the St. Augustine area full of history, fun boutiques and more! A definite family fun stop.

The tour day in St. Augustine we were able to try and drink to our youth with the fountain of youth and see the sites of the historic city.

Pack the sunscreen and some mini fans with you because there is plenty of sunshine in sunny Florida. Happy touring!

When touring Jacksonville , reminder to use their social media tags along with the #IntlPageants to celebrate us being in the city!

Twitter: @Visit_Jax



Live What you Love,

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