Understanding the Value of Your Past

For better or for worse. This is usually stated during a wedding, but many of us can think about our past or family related to the statement as well.

When I think about looking at my past, it can have high value or a low value, but those values are a matter of my perspective. If you read “the long haul” on my website, you will know the past that I used to let weigh me down, but finally saw God’s purpose for it a few years ago. Since 2011 I began to see the value of the past. My husband and I share similar family trees; one of our mission’s and purpose is to let others know we don’t have to follow those same footsteps of generations before us. It instead helps drives us on what we pursue in life leading to opportunities to engage with others and share our experiences so others know they are not alone. Many families want to “hide” the past, but in an effort to do so; hearts and emotions can stay in darkness and hinder our future potential. What are some tools to help determine the value of your past? Below are some worksheets Fred and I have used before to help us identify significant points and emotions from our past.

How can this help you at Mrs. International? When we let past events hide in our hearts, our confidence can weaken and one can lose focus from a spread of emotions from the week. I have been praying for everyone and hope when arriving, you feel the best YOU possible!

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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