Beyond Glory - Supporting Our Veterans

Beyond Glory - Supporting our Veterans was created to honor my husband, Justin, as well as the millions of veterans worldwide. I have seen first hand the devastating effects that take place once a hero returns home and begins to reintegrate themselves back into civilian life.

When Justin was hit with improvised explosive devices and ultimately diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, we truly had no idea what we were going to face. I remember when he returned home from one of his first appointments at the VA Hospital with a gallon sized bag of medicine. I knew then how serious this was going to be for us. With lots of encouragement and countless prayers from others we were able to overcome the stigma of his diagnosis and look towards our continued future together.

Beyond Glory- Supporting our Veterans restores the honor that our nations heroes deserve. I assist veterans with finding the right veterans organization that will fit their specific needs. Each veteran emotionally feels and experiences different things during their out processing from the military so it is important to find the organization that makes them feel most comfortable, but even more importantly to connect them with an organization of others from similar backgrounds.

My mission is also to reduce the number of unemployed veterans by encouraging employers to hire a hero. Veterans are equipped with numerous skill sets that employers would be lucky to have within their business, but there needs to be a bridge connecting both sides to better understand what that looks like.

Currently, there is a ten month waiting period at the Veteran Affairs office to process a claim for medical care and financial stability. Many veterans have no income or healthcare during this waiting period and many go hungry, lose their home and urgent medical needs go unmet or undiagnosed. It is reported that 65% of veterans face financial hardship during this time. Beyond Glory - Supporting our Veterans lobbies with legislation to reduce the average. There is still so much that needs to be done in this arena, but there has been a vast improvement.

Raising awareness and support is crucial to making headway in the various issues that these brave men and women face daily. Unfortunately, there is no cookie cutter answer for solving the various concerns, but Beyond Glory - Supporting our Veterans will tear down the barriers that our veterans are facing. I have seen it happen and along with my husband we will continue to make the lives of our family, friends and nations greatest whole again.

Until the mission is complete,

Farabe’ Algor
Mrs. International 2015


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