Everything is bigger in Texas. That couldn’t be truer of a statement. We moved to Texas three and a half years ago, after living in Utah and Georgia before that. While we did love the great outdoors of Utah and being closer to family in Georgia, we are thrilled with calling Texas home .We live about 25 minutes from Dallas. The town we are in has grown exponentially in the past few years. If we didn’t want to leave our mini city, we truly would not have to because we have everything we need to keep us fed, clothed and entertained.

Texas geography occupies about 7% of the United States and is the second largest state after Alaska. From the Coastal Plains area extending from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Plains area in the Panhandle, Texas truly has a region that most everyone would enjoy, especially if you crave 105 degree weather in the summer. As I am writing this, the meteorologist says we are getting a cool down. We are expected to drop to 97!

Originally its own country, called the Republic of Texas, we decided to join the rest of the United States on December 29, 1845. Our beautiful state flower is the bluebonnet and they are gorgeous! Everyone here loves to have their pictures made in bluebonnet fields in the spring. The mockingbird is our state bird and definitely has one of the prettiest songs of any bird native to North America.

If someone was coming to visit Texas for the first time there are definitely some stops I would recommend. First, head straight to Austin, the state capital. In Austin you will find lots of amazing organic restaurants, beautiful architecture, and some sort of festival almost every weekend. 

Next, head south about 75 miles to San Antonio. Here you will be able to stroll along the historic river walk for more yummy food and lots of shopping. You can even take a water taxi from one end to the other to get the full experience. 

A short drive from the river walk is the Alamo where The Battle of the Alamo took place and where Texas took the victory over Mexico to receive its freedom. After visiting the historic parts of San Antonio, make sure to drive over to Brooke Army Medical Center. BAMC has 40 beds that are designated for its burn victims. The hospital and staff provide comprehensive care for more than 250,000 military beneficiaries living throughout the area. A drive to Houston is up next where you will be able to visit NASA’s Johnson Space Center. This will probably be the kids’ favorite stop! 

Two hundred forty miles north will take you to Dallas. In Dallas, you guessed it, more great food. Food trucks, ethnic food, and the best steaks you will ever have. 

I hope you brought your cowboy boots because you have to experience a real life Texas rodeo at the Fort Worth Stockyards.

As you can see, Texas has lots to do for everyone. I also encourage you to attend the Mrs., Miss, and Teen Texas International pageant April 8-10. I’m looking forward to visiting your state soon. I hope you have yummy food.

Until the Mission is Complete,



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