Plans as Mrs. International

As Mrs. International, both my family and I, have committed ourselves to a year of duty. We feel honored and blessed that 5 complete strangers saw the fire in me that I have felt for quite some time. It is important to that my reign as Mrs. International 2015 is meaningful and will make an impact in the lives of as many veterans as well as my family as possible. When I was crowned Mrs. Texas International in March, I quickly began to realize that having a sparkly crown on my head helped me to accomplish the goals that I had a little faster. No, I don’t think that the only way I, or you, can accomplish things is by having a crown. It is just an added bonus! Shortly after my continued duties began, my husband began surrounding himself with more veterans, attending more veteran organization events and had a new outlook on things. I know that by me suggesting events that we could attend together not only made our relationship stronger, but made his veteran status more meaningful.

My mission to increase awareness surrounding veteran issues is truly simple. If you missed my blog about my platform, Beyond Glory - Supporting our Veterans, please check it out. This year, I will connect veterans with impactful organizations through continued networking events that I have been lucky to be welcomed in to with open arms. If you aren’t familiar with the veteran community, just know that an outsider quite often remains an outsider. Veterans typically want to be around people that just get it, people that don’t ask about what war was really like, and don’t want to feel like they are in a therapy session.

I have a fundraiser event coming up on August 22 in Texas. All proceeds will go to an organization called Honor, Courage, Commitment (HCC) These funds will be used for HCC 22Fellowship program, which educates and empowers veterans to become entrepreneurs and more importantly employed veterans that will then hire the 240,000-300,000 veterans that are transitioning out of the military every year. Continuing my work with Heroes on the Water, where I serve as an international spokesperson, is very important to me. Heroes on the Water was founded 8 years ago and prides itself in allowing the veterans the chance at decompressing from the stresses of combat and physical rigors of rehabilitation. Heroes on the water has chapters all across the United States as well as in Australia and the UK. We have plans of increasing chapters nationwide as well as globally. I will build on existing relationships and endeavors I am undertaking in conjunction with Congressman Sam Johnson, who is a true American hero and continues to fight for all veteran causes.

As Mrs. International, I think it is important that I partner with my amazing sister queens, Jules, Miss Teen International and Elise, Miss International, in their efforts to increase volunteerism and mental health awareness. This year I am also so excited to support each of you, the country, state, region, and local title holders. After all, you are what make this system so inspiring! My shoot with Clay Spann and my trip to The Competitive Image in September will be amazing and I can’t wait for it to be here already! The International Pageants are so lucky to have these amazing sponsors that support the queens and make us look and feel our best! In December, Mrs. District of Columbia International is hosting Christmas at The White House Tour. I am so excited to be able to attend this event and hope that many of titleholders will be able to attend! It will be so good to see you all and catch up surrounded by such a beautiful setting.

As Mrs. International, and as the spouse of a veteran, I encourage you to seek out and attend veteran events in your own area. These men and women deserve all of the support that we can lend. If you hear of any events, please reach out to me. I would love to try to attend with you!

Until the Mission is Complete,



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