Freedom Day 2015

HI ladies! On September 11, I was able to participate in, my first, and Entrepreneurs for North Texas’ 14th annual Freedom Day event. I worked alongside of 700 veterans and civilians from all across North Texas at the Texas Horse Park. Texas Horse Park, which houses Equest, has a wonderful veteran program called Hooves for Heroes that empowers veterans and military families to take charge of their civilian transitions and assume new roles as civic leaders.

Arriving the morning of 9/11 and seeing tons of cars, public transportation buses and school buses from different school districts all across the state was shocking! I knew there would be a good bit of people, but not this type of turnout. After all, it was a Friday during normal business hours. After checking in and receiving my official t-shirt and meeting with the organizer I was assigned to working with one of my favorite veteran organizations, 22KILL. Turns out 22KILL was in charge of digging the water line that would take water out to pastures for the horses. I clearly have never done this type of work before, but I was definitely up for the challenge. Did you know the water line hose (pipe?) has to be 12 inches deep and it was a long, long line!

Other veteran groups such as Team Rubicon, The Mission Continues and IAVA were in charge of debris clean up, building raised garden beds, stables and many other tasks. There were also many businesses in attendance as well. The work needed to be done and it would have taken the employees at Equest so much longer if they had not been the benefactor of this years Freedom Day. Although my arms were sore the next day from all of the work, they were nothing compared to what our nations heroes dealt with 14 years ago and for months and months after cleaning up the debris from the attacks on our soil.

Until the Mission is Complete,



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