Benefits of Sleep

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed that I have not been getting much sleep. From my full-time job to my responsibilities as Miss International and maintaining my stress relievers (family/friend time, gym, etc), it is no wonder I instantly crash when my head hits the pillow at night. I write this particular blog not only to those reading but also to myself as a reminder that getting 6-8 hours of sleep every night is important for our mental and physical health.

Here are some reasons why: 

1. Concentration- Receiving the proper amount of sleep will help with concentration during the day. If you have trouble staying focused while at work or school, first make sure you are sleeping enough. Proper sleep also helps with decision making. If your daily schedule permits, an afternoon nap can also help give your brain a quick rest before conquering the rest of the day!
2. Mood- Have you ever been tired and you had a hard time staying positive? Lack of sleep can lead to irritability and cause frustration and sometimes anger.
3. Body Weight- It has been found that those who consistently get 6-8 hours of sleep help their bodies prevent weight gain. So make sure to add sleep to your lifestyle changes of healthy eating and exercise to get to your goal weight!
4. Health- Those who regularly receive less than 6 hours of sleep a night are more susceptible to illnesses. In order to give your immune system the strength it needs to fight infections, make sure to take your vitamins, but also make sure to get some rest!
5. Life Expectancy- Research shows those who maintain a healthy sleep regimen are more likely to live longer than those who do not. I do not know about you, but I want to live a long time!
6. Beauty - People that get 6-8 hours of sleep are prone to be more beautiful than those that don't. Ok, so I totally made that up BUT the truth is when we are well rested, it affects our appearance in positive ways. A quick way to eliminate bags under the eyes and or saggy skin is to make sure to get consistent restful sleep as a way of life.

If you are a night owl, like me, I know very well the struggle to slow your life down enough to call it a night. In order to start implementing more sleep in your life, try going to sleep 30 minutes earlier every night until you are able to achieve 6-8 hours.

Sweet Dreams!

Continuing to break the stigma,

Elise Banks
Miss International 2015


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