Family First!

Priscilla and Sean sharing a date night to celebrate Priscilla’s one year anniversary as Mrs International. 

There are many important lessons you must learn as a queen.

As a Mrs, we have it especially difficult. We have to balance our careers, our spouse, our kids, our children’s schools, after school activities, sports, homework, preparing lunches, dinner, maybe even preparing breakfast (I don't prepare breakfast). And then, you have to add your queen duties on top of that: 2 blogs a week, a video blog every two weeks, interviews, getting your nails done, appearances….the list goes on and on..

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is, “How do you balance it all?”

Well for me, it's about prioritizing. There have been many, MANY trips that I planned this year as Mrs International, but I chose to cancel them because my family needed me.

Family. Comes. First!!!!

That's the greatest thing about the International Pageant system, Mary and Mel get that….They'll be the first ones to tell you “family first!”

So here are some pointers for you, to help you balance family life during your reign:

Make the time you spend at home count. 

When I'm home, I spend all my time with my family either riding bikes, having fun with arts and crafts, cooking together, having movie nights….Whatever I can to fill their “love tanks” while I'm home. So when I leave, they feel secure.

Share the reign.

When you can, take your family along with you. They love to watch you, they're so proud.....Make them feel like they're a part of your reign (cause they're the most important part in my opinion). Plus it’s a great way to teach them to serve others, it's gonna help instill in them- a servant’s heart.

Prioritize date nights.

Your husband is willing to share you with the world, thank him for it! Set aside one evening a week to go on a date, and use that time to show him your appreciation.

What's more important?

This was one of the hardest year (financially) for my husband and I. And I'm sure you know this by now, traveling isn't cheap! So if it came down to traveling, or feeding my family? Okay... more like, traveling VS paying bills? My family wins every time!

Pray together!

Families that pray together, stay together! We read a children's bible as a family every night. Then we pray and put the kids to bed. This is probably my favorite tradition, plus the kids love it. I truly believe in the power of prayer, and if everyone in the house is believing for the same things….You're unstoppable.

What are some ways you balance your reign and your family?

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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