Got Balance?

One of the number one concerns I hear when someone is considering a Mrs pageant, “how do you balance everyday life with being a queen?”

It’s probably one of the questions your judges will ask you, and they SHOULD ask you because is a legitimate concern….How do you balance it all??

First of all, you must know your priorities.

For me it's: God, my husband, my kids, then my service (platform).

(If you don't put your husband and family before your service, your gonna have some big problems!)

It's not easy for a husband to watch his wife getting all this attention especially from men. Watching everyone gawk at her, wanting to put their arms around her for a photo... For that reason, he MUST feel like he is your priority. He has to feel secure in your relationship, there is absolutely no room for doubt or insecurity.

So dates are a MUST!! Weekly, or at least, bi-weekly. In order for you to succeed as a queen, it's imperative that you first succeed as a wife.

Last month I was gone 14 days, so when I was home, hubby-time and family-time came first. I made sure to love on my husband a much as I could, as well as my kids.

And I mean, little things like cooking with the kids, reading to them, and having movie nights. I'm blessed to have my family home 24/7, since my husband works out of the house, and I homeschool my kids... So I get lots of time to make up for my traveling. But most don't have this family dynamic, so you have to find a way to make it work for you and your lifestyle.

Most importantly, for me...Is my relationship with God. If you want a marriage that is grounded, that can not be uprooted or separated. Then you need to have Jesus in the center of it, PERIOD! He is the glue that holds a marriage together.

A relationship with God is the only way you can have the patience to die to yourself and have the ability to put your husband or wife first! Because we don’t know what true love is, until we have the love of God inside of us.

In order to have that unconditional, patient, merciful, compassionate, and kind, kind of love that true love requires... You need Jesus!

So I listen to sermons or the bible on cd while I clean and do chores. I pray when I'm in the shower, driving, cleaning, working out. My relationship with Him, is no different than my relationship to my earthly father. In the same manner I call my dad and talk to him all the time, I pray and talk to my heavenly Father the same. And that's all it takes! You don't have to take an hour out of your day, to sit still and pray. Although that's great! But all He desires is a relationship that is easy and painless, not forced.

You do this, and I can guarantee pageant life will be a cinch!

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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