Four Products You NEED - Clay Spann Cosmetics

When I was a pre-teen, I loved playing soccer. I refused to wear bows or anything girly. I only wanted to wear athletic clothes that would allow me to run around and stay active. Now at 24 years old, I can’t imagine missing out on fabulous dresses and make-.up. Getting dressed up is one of the best parts of being Miss International!

As a YouTube personality, I get sent many products to test out and review. I have way too many beauty products, but I am not complaining. I love having the opportunity to create different looks with products I can trust. Of all the brands out there… I’ve never experienced one that compares to Clay Spann Cosmetics. He is a phenomenal hair and make-up artist… but an even better person! His award winning business is based out of Dothan, Alabama and walking around his make-up area is pretty close to pageant girl heaven… especially when it’s attached to The Competitive Image.

Today we’re talking about 4 Clay Spann products you NEED…

1. “Heather” Lipgloss: Clay will tell you, there is nothing I rave about more than his lipgloss… “Heather.” It is a beautiful color that looks phenomenal on literally everyone. It’s long-lasting and a great option to keep in your purse for any occasion! I love it so much that I beg Clay to rename it “Amanda.”

2. Foundation: I’ve tried a lot of foundations… a whole lot. I have never seen a foundation that provides a better full-coverage look. I use a sponge to apply and then a beautyblender to blend it into my beck and hairline. My skin is challenged by rosacea and terrible under-eye color, but with his foundation… you would never know it.

3. Eye Shimmers: I love to use his eyes shimmers when I am creating a smokey eye or even by themselves. They are super pigmented and I do not experience fallout throughout the day. “Illusion” is my favorite.

4. Customized Eye Palette: My customized palette goes to every state and country with me. I won’t leave Georgia without it. Clay picked the colors that look best for my eyes and shades that allow me to create appearance and stage looks! He can create one for any skin tone or look - making it the perfect compact palette for you!

His products truly are a standout for events, prom, pageants, and everyday life! Although I may not be a rockstar soccer player like I once imagined… I am a Clay Spann Girl for life… and I’d call that a major score!

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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