What Was The Most Difficult Thing When Preparing For Pageant Week?

I love getting to know the contestants before hand through our Intl Pageant’s Snapchat. It's been such a fun and relaxing way to get to know one another…

One of the questions I was asked was: What was the most challenging thing when preparing for pageant week?

For me, it was planning my wardrobe.

I knew it would be extremely hot and humid (miserable) being in Florida...And since I was from Wyoming, I was really dreading it!

So I had to look at my outfits from a comfort aspect. Would I overheat in that, how should I wear my hair? What jewelry would I wear with it?

Plus the fact that I had to pack for my kids before I left...I would definitely have to say, the packing was the most challenging for me!

However, with that said, I had to find a way to make it easier in myself. So I had made a list.

I wrote out each day, I wrote the activities the itinerary had for each day, and then I prepare two outfits for each day. (I liked having two because I loved to change in the evening after I feeling sweaty from the humidity during the day.)

That's how I packed for my kids, as well as for myself. It was easier for me to plan in a way where I could see each event, plan an appropriate outfit, pick out the jewelry, and then pick something for that evening.

It's a simple way to ensure you pack everything you need.

I suggest you have take & carry on bag. You will need to use that to help you carry all your outfits, shoes, hair and makeup to the Culture Center. You’ll want something that you can roll and not carry.

When you plan for each outfit, ask yourself, “what will I need?” So for instance, at the gala, you'll need a clutch to carry with your evening gown. Or at rehearsals, you'll want to have an easy to carry (or a rolling) bag so you can take your shoes to practice in, water and snacks. Just think ahead, look at the itinerary and ask yourself, “what will I need for this?”

Planning ahead is crucial.

I'm your Mrs. International reminding you-




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