The Crown Doesn't Define You

With Internationals just around the corner, I know that everyone is getting excited for an amazing adventure in Charleston, WV. Women across the world work years and years for this exact moment in time. It’s exciting and I’m sure that you all are ready to accomplish great things. But let’s take a moment to stop and think about this… what are you actually working toward?

Are you working toward the crown or the job and opportunities? 

So often I see young women working toward the physical crown for whatever reason. After August 5th, my crown will sit in a beautiful display case. The opportunities I was privileged to experience will go with me in every facet of my life. They are opportunities that shaped who I am and the way I serve our world. The crown is beautiful, but it can’t be the ultimate definition of who I am or am not.

As you prepare for Internationals 2017, I encourage you to search your heart and figure out exactly why it is that you want to win. Is a crown the only reason you want to win or is it because you know what the crown enables you to do to make a difference in the world? The crown cannot add or take away from your worth; it’s not a defining factor. You are just as worthy of love and just as beautiful with or without it.

Work toward the job and opportunities because you know what it will allow you to do for a purpose much greater than you. Give everything you have and do not lose heart. Whatever happens on finals night is a part of your story, it’s not the end… just another chapter. It does not change how loved, chosen, and beautiful you are.

You see, the crown can’t give us what we don’t already confidently know to be true. It can’t give you beauty, worth, or everlasting love. It gives us a vehicle, megaphone, and amazing stage to speak from… but it is not the ultimate definition of who we are. Our crowns enable us to change the world and it’s a great privilege to serve. We can only find our identity in the unwavering love of Christ.

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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