Fun Fashion Tips from Miss Teen International

Fun Fashion is one of my FAVORITE areas of competition! This allows you to show your fun, girly, and sassy side! I am going to share a few tips for a successful fun-fashion walk and outfit!

1. Keep it classy and tasteful! It’s always fun to be able to define this walking pattern, but the goal is to keep the walk classy and fun! Do a walk that you can perform well and that you are comfortable doing!

2. Let your face show your personality! Keep your smile big and ENJOY this walk! It is so unique. Your facial expression truly lights up the stage and completes your walking pattern.

3. Choose a Fun Fashion piece that is classy and shows who you are. You have the opportunity to really express yourself! Show who you are through this area of competition!

Hopefully, this allows you to have a little bit of insight on this category is helpful and this will guide you! Fun Fashion is full of excitement! I cannot wait to see each of your wardrobes!


Madeline Grace Wright
Miss Teen International 2019-2020


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