Another Day at the Office

Local Kansas driver, Clint Bowyer, at our early morning video shoot

Most of you reading this know my world encompasses spending more than 40 hours a week engulfed in everything racing working for the second largest sports organization in the world.  I am constantly aware of numbers – attendance and TV Ratings – but what really makes it worthwhile is interacting with the fans of our sport.  The fans truly make the sport.

Behind the scenes at my early morning video shoot with hometown driver, Clint Bowyer

So, I am at Kansas Speedway.  And like many weekends, I have a tight schedule which starts before the sun rises.  (Lucky for my coworkers, I am a morning person.)  If you have ever been to Kansas you know this state is very proud of all they have to offer tourists, and there are tourists from all walks of life and countries who come to this great state. 

One of the magnificent attractions in Kansas – Kansas Speedway – celebrating 11 great years of entertainment

Everyone in the sport loves to share our world.  This specific weekend, Kansas Speedway had partnered with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) inviting fans of all ages to come enjoy a day at the track for a mere donation.  So, on Friday, as I was walking toward the midway of Kansas Speedway, I was able to meet fans of all ages.  Hundreds of families were everywhere!  It was so heartwarming to mingle with everyone.   They truly loved the chance to come to the track, as a family, and also be part of a larger initiative to help others less fortunate.

Fans always love to share their thoughts, and I am always open to listening.  So, it brought tears to my eyes to hear their input on how appreciative they were that Kansas Speedway waived their fees to help a great cause.   If you are reading this and were one of the fans I spoke with, thank you.  Your generosity will make a difference.  God bless you all. 

Janet Bolin


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