Ten Faces of She

I met this phenomenal woman at the Dove Movement for Self-Esteem event last fall.  This event was designed to build self-esteem in young ladies ages 8-13.  I was a celebrity speaker.  I also had a chance to join the various seminars throughout the event. 

I found myself observing a very special seminar lead by Andrea Callahan.  Her seminar encouraged young ladies to take pride in themselves, realize their self-worth and respect for themselves.  She helped them identify the best practices to surround themselves with positive people.  As you can imagine, it was inspiring and motivational to listen to her encouragement, and to see the light bulb go on in these young ladies.  Andrea was able to connect with them.  And, it was clear she made a positive impact on their lives - and mine.

Andrea is the owner of Ten Faces of She, Lifestyle Management for Women of Distinction.  She developes and presents workshops and seminars throughout the year.  She is currently launching programs for 8th - 12 grade students.  I will be attending her upcoming event in May titled, The Ten Faces of Success.  As an honorary member of the Ten Faces of She "Sphere of Sisters," I encourage you to check out her workshops at tenfacesofshe.com.  You will be incredibly inspired.

Janet Bolin


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