BLT (Butt, Legs & Thighs)

As a certified fitness instructor for almost 20 years, I can attest that no two people will react the same way with a workout.  It is always recommended to see your doctor before starting any fitness regimen.  After you’ve checked that off the list, please continue reading.

Gravity and time are not on our side.  For me, lunges and squats are a daily requirement.  After designing and teaching a variety of lower body fitness classes, or BLT (Butt-Legs-Thighs) Classes as we like to call them, I believe lunges and squats are truly magnificent for your backside.  My suggestion is to pick out two (2) songs you like and then proceed:  Lunges for the duration of the first song, Squats throughout the second song. 

How do you not get bored?  Easy.  You can change up the timing.  For example: 2-counts down, 2-counts up.  Then, 3-counts down, 1-count up.  The “killer” is 4-counts down, hold for 8-counts, and 4-counts up.  You can also opt to do these standing on, or lunging off of the BOSU Balance Trainer.   And, you can always add weights.  After a 3-4 minute song, you should feel magnificent!

Do you need a mirror?  No.  Just make sure to keep these three things in mind: (1) knees in line with your ankles (or behind your toes), (2) chest lifted, (3) torso long and tall.  Please avoid what I call “the duck,” which as you can imagine is when someone mistakenly leans their chest forward on the down movement and then swings it back on the upward movement.  (Not pretty, or flattering and you could seriously injure yourself.)

I hope this helps you in your preparation.  Remember, you’ve got to ‘work it’ to improve it.  You’ll be great!

Janet Bolin


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