Manna Kitchen

Manna Kitchen is a place that provides hope and a hot meal to those in need in East Tennessee. This kitchen is at the home of a Methodist church, where my grandparents are members.  

Manna is the food miraculously provided for the Israelites in the wilderness during their flight from Egypt. How rightfully true is this definition in accordance with the kitchen’s ministry! People from all over the area gather together to learn more about God while enjoying a delicious meal!
With Pastor Jerry Jones

We began by taking prayer requests and blessing our meal. My grandfather introduced me, then I spoke a message that was laid on my heart. A few days before I was to be at the kitchen I asked God what He wanted me to say to these people. One evening, in a place you would least expect, my mind flooded with a sermon. I wrote it down as fast as my hands could go, knowing that this is what God wanted to say through me.

After sharing the Good News with my brothers and sisters in Christ, a few people sang some songs that were laid on their heart. One that really touched me was a blind man who stood up and sang a song declaring that Jesus was his Lord. It’s amazing how God uses people to proclaim His name here on earth.
I look forward to the next time I visit Manna Kitchen and am surrounded with multitudes of people who are hungry for God!
Jurnee Carr


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