Know the Facts!

The International Pageants’ alliance with Go Red! For Women has been life altering for me in more ways than one. Who knew that making simple diet and exercise changes could improve your heart health drastically? Being proactive is the absolute best defense against heart disease. I encourage you all to begin or continue living a heart healthy life and encourage your families to do so, as well. The best way to begin is to know the facts!
  1. Heart disease is the number one killer of women. Heart disease is responsible for more female deaths than all types of cancer combined. (Yes, even breast cancer!)
  2. Even if you live a physically healthy life, you are still at risk for heart disease. Exercise alone does not completely eliminate your risk for heart disease. When coupled with a heart-healthy diet, cardio exercises are far more effective.
  3. Heart disease does not only affect “old people”. Heart disease is common in young women who couple smoking with taking birth control pills. Again, unhealthy eating habits that begin at a young age can and will affect your heart later in life.
  4. Having no symptoms does not necessarily mean you are not at risk for heart disease. Oftentimes, the symptoms of heart disease are misunderstood or overlooked. In fact, 64% of women who die suddenly of coronary heart disease never even knew they had heart disease! 
Know the facts. Be proactive. Protect yourself!

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Caroline Crowley


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