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As the reigning Miss Minnesota International I had the pleasure of meeting the new contestants for the Miss Minnesota pageant at the annual Meet & Greet Party.  This event which is hosted by our Director Allison Stavrakis, includes the contestants from the Teen, Miss and Mrs. categories, local coaches, pageant sponsors and the reigning title holders.

Although it was a very chilly night in Minnesota, the contestants arrived up in cocktail dresses and other fancy outfits. Below zero temperatures does not keep a pageant girl from looking fabulous.  After some light refreshments and introductions the party took off.  I was thrilled to meet the new girls and they had a chance to ask questions about various aspects of the main event.  As ladies tend do, we mingled and traded contact information as well as a pageant advice.

For me, the most interesting aspect of this event is learning about the various platforms and why the individual was drawn to it.  Most individuals seem to develop a passion due to a personal connection.  I met individuals who have dealt with medical issues, bullying or a disability, but were able to move past that and now desire to inspire or teach others.  There were some amazing stories and some very interesting women.  I can’t wait to get to know them better.

I really enjoy this event, because it doesn’t take much conversation before you view your competition as your friend.  I noticed an air of genuine friendliness and concern during my pageant last March. I believe that is due to having the opportunity to meet the other contestants before being thrust into competition.  I’m not sure if other states provide this type of event but it really helps to eliminate some of the pre-pageant jitters and helps to build those bonds connections that we all desire.

Krista Wanous

It may have been below zero degrees outside...but in true Minnesotan fashion, approximately 50 guests including; Teen, Miss, and Mrs Minnesota International 2013 contestants and supporters bundled up and turned out for a casual Meet & Greet event held at the Linwood Senior Center. 

It was a nice opportunity for Miss Teen Minnesota International 2012, Gabby Taylor, Krista and myself to visit with the ladies.

Several of the state sponsors and coaches joined us for the event, and even with the freezing temps outside, we shared a warm and wonderful time inside.

Introductions were shared.

Krista, Sarah, Gabby and Brad. 

The participants along with Krista, me and Gabby.

Sarah Bazey


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