Best. Arm Workout. Ever.

I am about to share with you gold in video form. It’s my favorite and go-to workout for feminine arms with great definition. The best thing about it? No weights or machines required AND it’s only 8 minutes along! It can be done virtually anywhere and anytime you need a quick refresh for your muscles to “pop”. (True story, I have done this workout in a cocktail dress before going to an event). I do it once a day, but will add another session at night if I am preparing for an event.

Tracy Anderson is a celebrity trainer and I highly recommend purchasing her entire segment, however, this is the excerpt that I find most beneficial. Remember to keep your movements strong throughout.

*Hint: I have a few “playlists” of two or three songs that come out to 8 minutes that I play in conjunction so I know where I am in the workout to help pass the time quicker!

Try and out and let me know if you feel the burn!

Seek Happiness,



  1. Thanks for sharing this, Jess! This is perfect! Keep up the wonderful work!


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