Best. Arm Workout. Ever.

I am about to share with you gold in video form. It’s my favorite and go-to workout for feminine arms with great definition. The best thing about it? No weights or machines required AND it’s only 8 minutes along! It can be done virtually anywhere and anytime you need a quick refresh for your muscles to “pop”. (True story, I have done this workout in a cocktail dress before going to an event). I do it once a day, but will add another session at night if I am preparing for an event.

Tracy Anderson is a celebrity trainer and I highly recommend purchasing her entire segment, however, this is the excerpt that I find most beneficial. Remember to keep your movements strong throughout.

*Hint: I have a few “playlists” of two or three songs that come out to 8 minutes that I play in conjunction so I know where I am in the workout to help pass the time quicker!

Try and out and let me know if you feel the burn!

Seek Happiness,



  1. Shannon O'BrienJanuary 11, 2014 at 5:28 PM

    Thanks for sharing this, Jess! This is perfect! Keep up the wonderful work!


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