CASA Open House

After months of gathering and organizing, CASA Lake County held its holiday open house. It’s a chance for volunteers to meet and catch up with each other. And more importantly, it is a chance for volunteers to pick up some needed winter items for the children they represent. And given all our snow and below zero temps in Illinois this past month, children need to be protected with good clothing as well.

These are some of the presents for volunteers. This room was stocked to the ceiling with even more gifts an hour before this picture was taken.

There were tables lined with dozens upon dozens of winter coats, pants and boots. Kids MUST have warm clothing during the colder months. There was also an entire room filled with hundreds of wrapped toys and categorized by gender and age. How great is it to know these children and the families who care for them had a few surprises on Christmas morning? It was nice to see some of those who keep the organization humming. And my son, Johnny, enjoyed my CASA Manager’s homemade cookies so much, he was talking about them the next day. I must get that recipe!

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International


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