My New Man

As we welcome 2014, may we also look forward to what we hope the year will bring. I hope it brings you courage to step outside your comfort zone and to not sell yourself short on the potential you have.

Sometimes it takes more than just a little heart to take a chance on something unfamiliar. It sometimes takes tears and then some more. For the last two years I’ve learned so much from my 1200-lb baby otherwise known as, “Legacy,” or ”Legs.” My husband was brave and kind enough to help me climb back in the saddle after years of missing it. Even after fracturing vertebrae in a 2012 riding accident, he has continued to support my dangerous and expensive hobby.

Thank you Legs for all you have taught me. You’ve been such a good boy.

For the past year, I have been tossing and turning over how it was time for Legacy and me to find new partners based on our abilities. This has not been an easy decision; which is why I put it off for a year. It's strange trying new horses to find the right fit. I guess it must be a lot like speed dating as you quickly try to assess the quirks, trustworthiness and long term potential of another. It’s very difficult trying new horses when your current horse is in the same barn. It feels like betrayal. It's heartbreaking, even if it makes total sense. Last week I rode while suffering from sporadic crying fits. Not pretty or safe. I have been a complete hot mess of tears knowing I'm going to say goodbye to Leggos. And all the melancholic holiday music only added to the loveliness.

Welcome to the family Quincy.

Quincy getting schooled by a professional rider who thought he was perfect. He’s pretty close…

But…it is all for good reason. I have found a new boy worth taking a risk on. His name is “Quite Charming,” or “Quincy.” He is my husband’s Christmas gift to me, as Quincy will help me better my riding skills. And poor John has witnessed the bitter sweetness of his thoughtfulness this last week. Quincy is so fancy and so tall at 17.1 hands. He is extremely forgiving. God bless him for that! He wants to please, he wants to do what I ask him to do and he's trying his hardest for me. And his personality is as big as he is! It will be fascinating to see how we both evolve as a team. And as an imported Dutch Warm blood, he also has a passport! How cool!

And so, I'm stepping outside my comfort zone and learning from it. I guess it's that way for all of us. It's scary to step outside of what we've known, but again, there is so much to be learned. So why not give it a go?

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International
(And new mom to Quincy)


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