Naples or Bust

We refer to this as, “Surviving Santa.” Ah, the memories from 2009.

Luckily, the kids are no longer alarmed by the man with the beard.

I admit, this Christmas I felt a bit like Ali in 2009. The holidays were a blur of activities… Winter Sings, classroom parties, get-togethers…just surviving the end of the school year felt like an organizational accomplishment! It probably didn’t help we were leaving town the day after Christmas, but it was a trip we look forward to when winter strikes. We made our way from the snow of Chicago to the warm sand in Naples, Florida.

My little beach bums.

John organized a fishing trip for us along the bay. Several sheephead were caught and I even reeled in a puffer fish. We rang in the New Year early. I was conked out by 9:30pm. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Bloat, is that you?

NYE at Bice. It’s a fantastic (and child approved) Italian restaurant in Old Naples.

We were one of the few who could return to the Polar Vortex in Chiberia…as everyone else was delayed or stranded. To go from 70 degrees to -45 degrees (the wind chill) in 24-hours was a cold dose of reality! But being back home is worth the front door being frozen shut. And it was…

Be the change,

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International


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