Breaking Records On Wear Red Day

February is National Heart Month, dedicated to bringing awareness to cardiovascular disease through the Go Red for Women campaign. And earlier this month was "National Wear Red Day." If you were on Facebook or Twitter, you likely saw many of us decked out in red.

More than 200 of us are ready to break some records!

I began it by heading in to the WGN studios. WGN is seen nationally each morning with a cast that is…lively and a bit unorthodox in their approach to morning news. It was a perfect place to help break a Guinness World Record. I gathered with others from the American Heart Association to help break a record for “The Most People Doing Lunges at One Time.” And, yes, there is such a record!

Let the lunging begin!

There were timers, stewards and several LIVE cameras watching us doing form perfect lunges (we had to rotate legs and touch knees to the ground to count) for a minute. Zany? Of course! But WGN helped spread the message about heart health and the American Heart Association. So the lunges and bruised knees are well worth it! Still, the day was young and I had children to dress in red and a horse that needed to be heart healthy as well!

Ali is ready to “check” heart disease"

Quincy is helps me get in a heart healthy workout.

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International


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