Dothan Take 2

If you have been following the blogs all along, you’ll know that my first trip to Dothan was a dream come true where I was completely star struck to work with known experts, Joey and Clay. This trip was completely different. It felt like coming to visit friends, and we just happened to have a photo shoot while we were there.

It was like a big party as Ms. Mary, Ms. Susan Botek (official graphic designer of the International Pageants), Amy, Joey, Clay, and Ms. Teri were all able to spend some fun, quality time together. We celebrated the year we have had so far and looked forward to what’s left to come.

As always, Joey Retherford at the Competitive Image picked out the most gorgeous wardrobe options. I am amazed at his keen eye as he never fails to pick items that I would never think to try, but work perfectly with my coloring and shape. Clay Spann and Ms. Teri went to work making my hair and makeup look perfect while giving me lots of tips and tricks to use at home.

I caught a glimpse of some of the photos we have taken and had a very humbling moment. I can’t believe how beautiful they are and a part of me feels like I don’t even deserve to look as glamorous as Clay and Joey make me look and feel! The most magical thing about being in Dothan is that our International Pageant family makes me feel just as special when I’m made up as when I walk in the door fresh faced and in sweats.

Among the beautiful faces of International Pageant Titleholders from years past. 

Seek Happiness,



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