Go Red Proclamation Event

I was pleased to be invited to the Erie County Clerk’s Office to attend a very special aspect of Wear Red Day. The presentation focused on the “why” it is important to be aware of cardiac issues and why it’s necessary to continue funding this research, the “how” we can prevent or recognize symptoms in ourselves and our loved ones, and the “where” we are going to ensure that heart disease is a thing of the past.

We heard from three local female doctors: Dr. Glenna Bett, who discussed the scary reality that we lose 1/3 women to cardiac issues = 1,100/day. Dr. Gale Burstein, Erie County Health Commisioner, issued the proclamation of Go Red Day, and cardiologist Dr. Meesala discussed how we can reverse heart risks in our lives. It was so empowering to see the women of this area come together to shed light and end this terrible disease.

We also heard from Kelly Rummings who is a two-time heart attack survivor. She knew heart disease ran in her family, and when she addressed her concerns with her doctor he said she was too young and not to worry. That SAME month she suffered her first heart attack. THAT is why Wear Red Day and the Go Red For Women campaign is so vital. We as patients need to inform our doctors of our concerns, our family history, and our risk factors to ensure proper prevention and care before it is too late.

Before the day came to an end, a check for $348,000 was awarded by the American Heart Association to the research departments of the University at Buffalo to continue studies in cardiac muscle regulation and the aging heart.

It is important to share that two very special statistics. In the past decade 330 fewer women are dying each day thanks to awareness, prevention activities, and research – and in total more than 327,000 women have been saved from heart disease. This is what we are working toward, seeing these numbers dramatically change in a positive direction. Let’s keep working to save the women in our lives and to save ourselves.

With two-time heart attack survivor, Kelly

Seek Happiness,



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