Perfect Paperwork Please

The judges are given your bio and platform page well before the competition week. Personally, I love this because they can and they do research that information. Therefore, I wouldn’t suggest exaggerating your information, as that is not the first impression you want to make! I had the chance to speak with some of my judges following the final night of Mrs. International. They did research (which I knew during the one-on-one interviews) and said there was paperwork that stood out and paperwork that left them disappointed due to simple mistakes.

This is the first impression they will have of you. While many contestants keep their paperwork under lock and key, I have seen various platform pages now and then. They are not all created equal. Some are colorful and designed like eye-catching ads. The information is kept simple but is effective. Others are wordy and read like a full-page, single-spaced novel. Information overload. It’s my opinion a platform page is the introduction to your interview and creates a picture of you for the judges. It sets up questions for a great interview if done correctly. You have five minutes with each judge; so make the most of it!

Every detail, such as the colors used, creates an impact. Blue and red were dominant on mine as it kept with the branding of CASA.

I would suggest your page briefly states why you are involved with your platform. It should include what you want to accomplish on behalf of your platform. What is your plan? What you have already done is important…to an extent. But, what you plan to do with the title and how you will do it…is critical.

Please don’t hesitate to find someone who understands both the International system and platform pages. They can help you craft the message you want to convey to judges. I preferred using an outside opinion to help me condense the incredible amount of info I would’ve loved to include. Some information makes sense to you, but it may seem confusing to someone not familiar with your platform or organization.

Someone who has created many platform pages is Susan Botek, of Botek Productions. Susan comes highly recommended by the International Pageants system. She was gracious enough to allow me to share Shannon Devine’s (Mrs. International 2010) platform page.

Susan designed Shannon’s platform page with specific pictures. Sometimes a photo tells a story better than words ever could and it shows how adoption created a beautiful forever family. As you can see, Shannon’s page offers such an impactful message.

It is worth the time to make your message clear, concise and eye-catching. If I had to choose between paperwork or wardrobe, I’d go with paperwork as the priority. After all, it is the first impression for those deciding who will get the job.

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International


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