Girls' Night with Disney

Initially, it may not have been my first idea of how to spend a Friday night…at the United Center while 10 more inches of snow was falling outside. (Yes, here in Chicago, fondly now known as Chiberia, it has not stopped snowing since…well, I honestly cannot remember) However, this involved my 5-year old daughter Ali. She has been stashing random notes and flyers in my tote for the past month about this blessed event. And given my many recent events, meetings and travel, she and our son, Johnny, have been patient and understanding that “Mom,” has a job as Mrs. International. I owed her one and so I put this night on ice…just the two of us and our friends from Disney. And it was so worth it! The sparkly costumes and music was all Ali. Even Mickey wore rhinestones!

Of course Ali was enthralled with the show itself, but I had the best time watching her take it all in. Snow White even stopped by during the show to present Ali with a rose! It is now carefully placed next to the fish tank in her bedroom, where I am sure it will remain…forever. And I will forever remember our girls’ night-on ice. She is growing up far too fast as I know these days are precious.

The two of us with “THE ROSE.” The making of a sweet memory.

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International


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