My Biggest Fan

One of the major reasons why I find it so important to be a well-rounded, driven, dedicated, and positive person is that a very special little girl who will grow up and look to me as a source of reference and very possibly inspiration. 

That girl is my half-sister McKinley Rose, who just turned 4 years old. McKinley lives over 3 hours away from me, so the distance plus my always-hectic schedule prevents me from seeing her as often as I would like to. However, no matter how much time passes between visits, I am still greeted with a run, a warm hug, and the sweetest smile you have ever seen.

McKinley has seen me in my crown in photos, but until I showed her my Clay Spann autograph card did her eyes light up. She turned to me and said “Are you a real princess?!” I could tell then that I immediately jumped miles up on the “cool big sissy” chart.

She might not “get” the significance of the Miss International title and all of the hard work and platform dedication that go into it quite yet, but as she gets older I want to be sure that when she looks at the choices that I’ve made and is proud of her big sister. It is imperative as public figures and “real life princesses” to be positive role models for the young ladies in our lives and those who might be watching from a far.

A Future Miss International if I’ve ever seen one!

Seek Happiness,



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