Pageant Paperwork

When designing my paperwork for both the state pageant and the national pageant, we used the same design and layout. A mistake that I’ve seen many girls make when preparing for a pageant is that they think they have to change everything; everything from wardrobe to paperwork. I believe it’s good to improve, but a drastic change isn’t always necessary. Stick to what you know is good and what will show the judges who you are!

I new I wanted my paperwork to pop and draw your attention and that’s why I used the color red. (The fact that it was the color of the American Heart Association only made it more perfect!)
  • When making the platform sheet, there are a few key points that I wanted to make.
  • What is my platform
  • Why is it my platform
  • What have I done with my platform
  • What will I do with my platform if I win the pageant
The first two points should be somewhat in detail. It should be clear to the judges exactly what your platform is without any confusion. As for ‘why it’s my platform’, there can be a little mystery so they will have questions to ask, but they should get a basic idea from the platform sheet.

When it comes to ‘what I have done with my platform’, I loved using pictures! Without even saying a word about it, the judges could see that I was actively involved with my platform. Thus leaving the conversation open for questions about the work that I had done.

Stating ‘what will I do with my platform if I win the pageant” is like a closing statement. After presenting all of the information and key points, this raps up the platform sheet.

Remember to not let the platform sheet intimidate you; it’s very basic when you figure out what it is you want the judges to know. I recommend letting someone who isn’t involved in pageantry read over your paperwork and ask his or her opinion. Often we over analyze our paperwork and need a fresh mind to look at it.


Haley Rose Pontius


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